Information Laos

Lao People is Democratic Republic (Lao PDR ) is a country close to Thailand in terms of history , geographic location, race, religion, language and cultural borders with Thailand , both land and water as long as 1,810 kilometers.

Laos is a landlocked country . It can be a point (land link) the transportation of Thailand . To third countries in the region . Thailand via the Friendship Bridge - Laos across the Mekong River and two of the Nong Khai - Vientiane . And Mukdahan - Savannakhet area . In the near future there will be a third bridge at Nakhon Phanom - fun word . It has been a groundbreaking ceremony held on March 6, 2552 .

Lao PDR. Revenues from natural resources are abundant. Especially forests , and minerals such as copper and gold box on the materials to produce aluminum . Have many dam to produce electricity. Power exported to neighboring countries including Thailand . Southern Lao PDR. Lao highland coffee growing areas are of good quality.

       In addition, tourism is an important source of revenue increase . Highlights of the Lao PDR. Laos is a pristine natural and cultural heritage . Major attractions such as Luang Prabang (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Plain of Jars , rock waterfalls waterfalls Park Se Li ghost and castle temple lobe(World Heritage Site)

Area: 236,800 square kilometers.

Township : 16th District include Phongsali Luang Namtha Bokeo Hawpan Luang Prabang, Xieng Khouang Oudomxay at Ya Bu Li Vieng Chan bot list the site Khammouane Savannakhet area Salavan Champasak process the compressed ta very dark and 1. capital ( Vientiane ) .

Road space is the largest district in Savannakhet area ( 21,774 square kilometers ) .

Road to the smallest area is Vientiane ( 3,960 square kilometers ) .

Capital : Vientiane .

Population: 5.8 million ( 2550 ) Road, is the most populous district in Savannakhet area (about 900,000 people ) Road, the road sector is the least populous (about 90,000 c) the Vientiane has a population of about 725,000 people .

Official language: Lao transcribing.

National Day: December 2.

Date of establishment of diplomatic relations with Thailand: 19 December 2493 (1950).