Service Availability in Nong Khai Province

            In termsof the service availability for tourists, the province has prepared andimproved transportation routes to make it more safe and inconvenient fortourists. The tourist can travel to Nong Khai province via the main road number2 (Mitraphap Road), which is about 615 km. from Bangkok. Another transportationis taking a train from Hua Lum Phong Station in Bangkok directly to Nong Khaiprovince. Another option is taking a flight from Bangkok to Udonthani airport,which is only 50 km away from Nong Khai province.

            In addition, Nong Khai has acomplete infrastructure that has been ranked as No. 7 in the world by theselection of the U.S. magazine called Modern Maturity. The criteria of theselection included 12 indicators, which were used to measure a livable city,such as the weather, cost of living, culture, housing, utilities,transportation, medical services, environment, recreation, security system,political stability and technology. Moreover, in order to promote tourism ofthe city that is regarded as a Gateway to Indochina, the province has beendetermined as the City of Long Stay for tourism by the Tourism Authority ofThailand.

            Nong Khai is the city that has avariety of well-known tourist attractions that attract both Thai and foreigntourists to visit regularly. It is the place where Buddhism has rooted itsbelieves and cultures which can be observed from ancient temples andestablishments, and a place where natural scenery is well-preserved andmaintained. Major attractions are Wat Pho, Wat Phra That Bang Paun, Wat Pha TakSuer, and many more sites that have been announced as new tourist attractionsof the province. Especially in the year 2014 in Sangkhom District, there willbe a celebration of the 20-year-Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. There will be eventsto celebrate this important occasion of Nong Khai Province. You are invited tocome and experience the lifestyle of the Mekong community. Nong Khai peoplealways welcome you with warmth and genuine hospitality. Please come and takepart in the celebration.