Tourism policy

Nong Khai Province is the land of simplicity and tranquility,situated on the bank of Mae Kong River. People from different ethnicbackground, who have settled and have been living in the area, have blendedtheir cultures, which have been well-preserved, practiced and is regarded asone of the richest, the most unique and beautiful cultures. Nong Khai is alsoregarded as the land of natural resources and beautiful landscapes. It hasproudly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region andhas welcomed thousands of tourists each year. Making the province to become“The livable city of ASEAN” is one of the challenging visions. In order to developplan aligning to the vision, six strategies have been outlined as follows

           Strategy 1:Raising the standards of production, merchandise, investment, tourism andservices in order to prepare for the ASEAN community.

            Strategy 2:Develop human resources, communities and environments in order to make NongKhai a livable city.

            Strategy 3:Support sustainable agriculture.

            Strategy 4:Strengthen social stability to create peaceful community.

            Strategy 5:Develop public services to reach international standards.

  It is also determined that tourism, boarder trading, andsustainable agriculture be the province’s strategic position. It is also crucialthat cooperation from different sectors such as both public and private sectorsand Nhong Khai citizens needs to be brought into consideration to make thestrategies become practical.

  Aligning with the strategies, the provincial governor hasalso set another five policies that would allow people to support theprovince’s strategies practically. The policies are:

1.     Clean city

2.     Health-conscious citizens

3.     Environment preservation

4.     Law-abiding citizens

5.     Unity of the community

These policies are essentially crucial for establishing otherdevelopments in the province. It is like building a house; we need a firm foundation,which cannot be seen, but indispensible to support another part of the house.Therefore, in order to accomplish the visions, basic foundation needs to begrounded as the essential part.